Docker A Project-Based Approach to Learning

Docker: A Project-Based Approach to Learning

Learn how to manage Docker hosts and Docker containers through project-based training.

It’s project-based, which means instead of learning bits and pieces of information, you’ll learn the exact Docker commands that you can use in real-world situations. You get the chance to immediately put what you learn to use so that you fully understand and remember it.

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In this Docker course you will learn how to:

  • Install Docker on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Manage Docker containers.
  • Master Docker commands. (Here are just a few you’ll learn: docker run, docker build, docker images, docker inspect, docker network, docker system, docker volume, and more…)
  • Use existing Docker images.
  • Build your very own custom Docker images.
  • Push and Pull your images to Docker Hub or any other Docker Registry.
  • Create a private Docker image registry.
  • Manage the data needed by and created by your Docker containers.
  • Persist data between container runs, including using Docker volumes.
  • View and manage the output and logs generated by your containers.
  • Docker networking, including how to create user-defined networks.
  • Much, much, more…

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