Docker and Kubernetes - The Complete Developers Guide

Docker and Kubernetes – The Complete Developers Guide Course

Learn All About Containers, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes and How to Deploy an App to AWS With a CI/CD Pipeline

In this course we will take you from a Docker and Kubernetes novice to job ready engineer. This course is loaded with diagrams and practical examples so that you can truly understand and utilize Docker and Kubernetes in great depth. We will be containerize five projects, each one getting more and more complex. We need end this course by containerizing a multi component microservice application with Kubernetes and eventually deploying it to AWS. By the end of this course, you should have multiple practical example to show off your knowledge!

Here are a list of thing you will learn in this course:

  • What are Docker containers and why would we want to use it
  • How to build docker images and run docker containers
  • How to connect to a container from our host machine
  • How to persistent data inside of a database container
  • How to build a multi-component application with docker-compose
  • Understand the benefits and powers of Kubernetes
  • Understand the many different Kubernetes objects
  • Understand how a Kubernetes Cluster is structured
  • How to containerize a multi-component application with Kubernetes
  • How to push and pull images from image repositories
  • How to deploy a containerized application to AWS ECS and AWS EKS
  • How to build a production ready CI/CD Pipeline

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Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

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