Deno API with Mongo DB and Vuejs

Deno API with Mongo DB and Vuejs

A Progressive course for successor of Nodejs Deno Js by creating API and chat app that interact with Mongo Database

Why Progressive Course?

  1. Since Deno is the successor of Nodejs, it will evolve with time so as the course will
  2. As something new comes to Deno, I will update this course ( or the course progresses)
  3. Deno is the future so we need to progress bit by bit daily and this course will help you

Roadmap: ‪ # (done), ‬* (to be done)

#‪‬ Getting Started with Deno

‪‬# Creating Http Server

‪‬# Using Oak framework

‪‬# Setting up dynamic routes

‪‬# Using MongoDB driver with Deno

‪‬# Storing User information into Mongo database

‪‬# Encrypting user password

‪‬# Login user using Email and Password

‪‬# Generating JWT token after authentication

‪‬# Parsing JWT token from Authorization header of the request

#‪‬ Creating Protected Routes

‪‬* Using Vuejs to do user CRUD

‪‬* Using Vuejs for login and storing cookies

‪‬* Understanding Websocket basics with Deno

‪‬* Making real-time chat system

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What you’ll learn

  • Getting Started with Deno Js
  • Using TypeScript with Deno
  • Use Mongodb with Deno js
  • Adding router framework called oak
  • Creating Server that handles user requests with different Methods like POST, GET, DELETE, PATCH or PUT
  • Storing encrypted password
  • Creating Json Web Token (JWT) for authenticated user
  • Parse JWT from authorization header
  • Creating Full API in Denojs
  • Using Third Party Module of Deno
  • Using Standard Modules of Denojs

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