DBT Data Build Tool Masterclass - Complete Guide to DBT Udemy Coupons

DBT Data Build Tool Masterclass – Complete Guide to DBT Course

Learn DBT (Data Build Tool) and Analytical Engineering | Learn all DBT Features & Concepts from Scratch | DBT Full Guide

This course has one objective: teach you DBT (Data Build Tool), its features, and use them to transform your data engineering workflows. We do this by creating instructional video content where we go through each DBT concept, one-by-one, and apply it to a practical real-life example.

In this comprehensive and hands-on course, you will dive deep into the world of DBT and learn how to leverage its power to build robust data transformation pipelines. Whether you are a data engineer, data analyst, or data scientist, this course will equip you with the essential skills to accelerate your data analytics workflows and become a top Data Engineer and Data Analyst.

Learn from more than 6 hours of relevant instructional video content, with the only course that will go through all DBT concepts to teach you how to deploy DBT (Data Build Tool) ELT projects. We will go through every single concept from start to finish, from Materializations and Tests to Incremental Loads and Snapshots.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn DBT, a data build tool used for transforming and deploying data in data warehouses.
  • DBT’s key features and functionalities that make it a powerful tool for data transformation and analytics
  • Create a DBT project, including how to initialize the project and explore the project configuration file
  • Understand the concept of DBT models and how to build a simple model with SQL
  • Learn to define, structure, and organize your data transformations using DBT models
  • Master the art of writing tests to ensure the quality and accuracy of your DBT models
  • Explore different materialization techniques to optimize the performance and scalability of your DBT models
  • Understand how to incorporate seeds and sources into your DBT projects for data ingestion and initial data setup
  • Discover the powerful features and functionalities offered by DBT Cloud for seamless collaboration and deployment
  • Harness the power of Jinja templating and generate automated documentation for your DBT projects
  • Enhance your data loading capabilities and create custom macros to extend the functionality of DBT
  • Learn how to leverage DBT snapshots to capture historical versions of your data for auditing and analysis purposes
  • Dive into DBT hooks and learn how to integrate external scripts and actions into your DBT workflows
  • Gain expertise in DBT analyses to perform complex data analysis and generate actionable insights using SQL within your DBT projects.

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