Db2 LUW - Database Administration & Certification Workshop

Db2 LUW – Database Administration & Certification Workshop

A complete beginner course on becoming a highly paid Db2 Professional. Get loaded, Get Certified, Get Hired!

This course provides a strong conceptual knowledge (that most interviewers look for) backed by practical learning (that adds to your employment chances). After completing the course, you will have the knowledge of DB2, equivalent to a 0.5-1.5 Years exp professional.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Architecture of DB2 (you will learn about various DB2 components that work together as a database engine)
  • Install & Configure DB2 on Windows and Linux platforms (you will learn to install & configure DB2 in multiple ways)
  • Work on various GUI and Command Line Tools of DB2 (you will explore different DB2 tools available to perform various administration tasks like creating databases, performing backup and recovery etc )
  • Create and Manage various database objects in DB2 (you will learn about db objects like tables, views, indexes etc, and there properties. you will learn how to create, access, alter and drop them)
  • Understand and Execute SQL statements in DB2 (you will learn to write basic and advanced SQL queries to manage your databases and db objects)
  • Create and Manage DB2 Instances & Databases (you will learn about instances and related concepts. you will create, list and drop instances and databases with DB2 commands)
  • Administer and Manage Database Storage (you will understand and manage storage for DB2 databases.)
  • Administer DB2 Security (you will understand how security is laid down in DB2. you will learn about Authentication, Authorization and Privileges. you will learn how to administer security for your DB2 system)

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