Database Management System (DBMS) & SQL Complete Pack-2023 Udemy Coupons

Database Management System (DBMS) & SQL: Complete Pack-2023 Course

Database Engineering (RDBMS): ER model, FD’s, Normalization, SQL, ACID, Transactions & Concurrency Control, Indexing & more.

Welcome to the course “Database Management System (DBMS) & SQL: Complete Pack 2023”. If you want learn RDBMS concepts from scratch to advance level, then confidently I can say that you are in right place. Here every topic taught from very basic, and all possible insights discussed from each corner for every topic along with many examples for better understanding. Definitely you will master database concepts by the end of the course, and you will become good database engineer.

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What you’ll learn

  • Describe the fundamental elements of relational database management systems.
  • Explain the basic concepts of relational data model, entity-relationship model, relational database design, relational algebra and SQL.
  • Design ER-models to represent simple database application scenarios
  • Improve the database design by normalization.
  • Concurrency control( from scratch to advance).
  • Database indexing ( B and B+ Trees).
  • Able to create complex SQL queries using multiple tables.
  • In-depth knowledge over database design or database engineer.
  • Learn core concepts of database design.
  • Capable to answer any level of competitive exams like GATE, ISRO, PSU’s or any other.

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