CSS Coding For Beginners: Master All CSS Tricks in 1 Hour

CSS Coding For Beginners: Master All CSS Tricks in 1 Hour [BitDegree Coupon]

Expand your arsenal of CSS tricks

What You Will Learn?

  • Basic CSS Structure
  • Foundations of CSS Syntax
  • Design and Formatting using CSS
  • Creating CSS Classes and ID’s


Since you’re here, I’m guessing you would like to find an answer to the questions what is CSS and how it works. Well, you came to the right place! In this short and super simple course, you’ll find answers to both of your questions. After completing this tutorial, you’ll know some very cool CSS tricks that will impress your friends and colleagues alike.

CSS for beginners

The primary goal of this tutorial is to make programming as uncomplicated and as useful for a newbie as possible. You probably wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by many unheard concepts all at once, right? Well, this tutorial will take you through the essential CSS basics one step at a time. Very soon you’ll know enough CSS tricks and concepts to start programming instantly.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that content with interesting visual representation gets far more attention. Therefore, if you work in any field that requires running a website, writing emails or newsletters learning basics of CSS code will prove useful. Afterall, by knowing how to code a little bit, you’ll have full control over your projects, not to even mention saving a lot of money on a web designer’s services.

If you’re not familiar with any programming languages at all or have basic knowledge of another one like HTML or JavaScript, this CSS tutorial is just for you! CSS code is pretty easy to understand and master. It doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer at heart or not, knowing some CSS tricks will come in handy.

CSS for beautiful and unique web pages

So, what is CSS? Well, CSS or “Cascading Style Sheets” is a programing language that was developed in 1996 by World Wide Web Consortium. Before that, all websites were very limited and boring. CSS allows you to fill sites with vibrant colors, beautiful backgrounds, different fancy fonts and more! Using CSS, you can also work with animations and 3D effects. Therefore, knowing some CSS tricks is useful not only for web developers or programmers but also graphic designers, photographers, writers and even non-profit organizations.

CSS is a standard programming language for designing web pages. All popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support it. Therefore, if your site is programmed using CSS, you can breathe with ease. It will look good and be easily accessible on almost any browser without inappropriately displayed parts. Furthermore, nowadays many websites are visited using mobile devices. CSS allows you to keep a consistent and tidy look on all sorts of gadgets too!

CSS and HTML – the Inseparable Pair

CSS and HTML are programming languages that are very crucial when building an internet site. HTML is like an architect. It’s used to give websites their structure by telling a browser what every little detail on the site is. Meanwhile, CSS is like an interior designer. It’s used to enhance your website visually.

A website built with only HTML might look a bit dull compared to the one created using both languages. That’s why it’s good to know at least a few CSS tricks. If you don’t know either language yet, that’s perfectly fine. The good news is both HTML and CSS have relatively simple syntaxes. Either one of them is a great first programming language to learn. And the bad news… Well, there is none!

If you decide you’d prefer to begin with HTML, there is a short tutorial for you on this website too! If you’re sticking with CSS, let’s not waste any time. Start learning those slick CSS tricks with the help of this straight to the point tutorial now!

CSS screenshot
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