CSS Flexbox: Learn and Build Responsive Websites in 2020

CSS Flexbox: Learn and Build Responsive Websites in 2020

Learn advanced HTML, CSS3 Flexbox, Bootstrap Flex, Media Queries, Jquery and Create Websites with Responsive Design

CSS Flexbox simplifies complexity. With Flexbox you will be able to do more with layouts, and allow you to reach the complex layout in an easier and fun way writing less & clean code to create them.

Best Seller Course: Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!

What you will learn and be able to do at the end?

  • Properties for parents (container) and childrens (flex items)
  • Align and position flex items
  • Arrange items in different directions and orders
  • Fill the remaining space and shrink elements to not overflow
  • Create a responsive webpage with the respective content
  • Advanced layout techniques
  • Use of media queries and flexbox properties to create responsible sites
  • Creation of a responsive form and web gallery using flexbox
  • Use of CSS3 properties to create animations and effects
  • Create interactive pages with Jquery
  • Flexbox Model applied with Bootstrap framework

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