Create the REST API in PHP Symfony Complete Class

Create the REST API in PHP Symfony Complete Class

Learn how to create robust API backends in PHP for your React/Angular/Vue apps!

Going through this project-based course will help you learn what you need in very little time. You will start coding the Symfony REST API almost straight away and pick up all the knowledge you need on the way.

If you want to create a single page application or a generic data API of any kind. This course will get you started with Symfony REST APIs.

You don’t need to be PHP nor Symfony expert. Actually, no previous Symfony knowledge is required (but basic knowledge would be a big advantage). You will be guided step by step and everything along the way will be explained. You’ll not only see how to actually do stuff, but will also know why it’s done that way in Symfony.

Learn how to create a basic API with simple resources. Then move on to more complicated things like relations between resource, authentication & authorization. Finally caching and creating the documentation.

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In this course you will learn how to:

  • Set-up your work environment by creating a virtual machine using Vagrant and VirtualBox and Laravel Homestead on MacOS/Windows/Ubuntu!
  • Install and configure a Symfony 3 application
  • Basic database operations using Doctrine ORM, creating entities, database migrations, database fixtures, repositories
  • Learn how to use FOSRestBundle to quickly build great APIs
  • Handle user registration, user profile, user profile changes, password reset, and token invalidation (we will use Redis)
  • File uploads through the REST API
  • Create basic REST CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Learn how to build RESTful APIs properly by using resources, HTTP methods and HTTP status codes
  • Handle filtering and sorting of large collections of resources
  • You will see how to handle relationships between API resources (HAL)
  • You will learn how to utilize serializer and it’s advanced features
  • How to validate incoming client input (serialize JSON to Doctrine Entity and validate it!) using Symfony Validator
  • How to utilize HTTP cache (caching REST API responses)
  • What is CORS and how to implement it
  • You will create a documentation page for your API using Swagger
  • Secure your REST API using JWT (JSON Web Token) tokens and HTTP Basic Authentication
  • How to keep different versions of your Symfony REST API (API Versioning)

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