Create Multiplayer Realtime Games with TypeScript & SocketIO

Create Multiplayer Realtime Games with TypeScript & SocketIO

Learn TypeScript and SocketIO to Create Multiplayer Realtime Interactive Content for the Web

In this course you will learn about how to use TypeScript and Socket.IO in order to create multiplayer real-time interactive content that runs in the browser and on the web. At the start of the course, we will do a TypeScript mini course, suitable for those with no experience at all of using TypeScript. It will cover the most common and major concepts of TypeScript that are applicable to all TypeScript projects and will be used throughout the remainder of this course. Then, we will move onto learning about Socket.IO, and covering the major features that are also applicable to all Socket.IO projects, will also be demonstrated throughout the remainder of this course.

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What you’ll learn

  • TypeScript Annotations, Types, Interfaces, Classes
  • TSC and tsconfig for browsers and NodeJS environments
  • Setup NodeMon and Concurrently
  • NPM, NodeJS and package json
  • Understand SocketIO communications between the Server and Clients while writing it all in TypeScript
  • Build an example multiplayer, realtime mini game along with a chat component that allows players to guess the lucky numbner and win/lose points accordingly
  • You’ll get exposure to Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML and CSS animations
  • Learn about Express and serving static content through NodeJS
  • Learn how to build robust and interactive applications using TypeScript and SocketIO

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