Create a commercial 3D Game Character in Blender full course

Create a commercial 3D Game Character in Blender full course

Learn the whole 3D character workflow for game in Blender

This course will give you the whole workflow process of creating a 3D character for game in Blender. From high poly sculpting, hard surface modelling, retopology, Uv mapping to baking and texturing in Substance painter. As a bonus you get a bit more in depth Substance painter texturing, basic rigging, posing and rendering in Blender. In the course we will start with the most important thing – the head. We will model it and try to make it as close as possible to the concept. Then we will do the basics of the body, with arms and legs.

After we will concentrate on clothes and accessories. We will make the chain and i will also show you the early concepts for the character, as i will explain the whole process of creating a character from the idea to the finished product in the game. Following we will do the gloves and do more detailing on the clothes. Applying some feedback from the lead artist will be on our list next. Then we will start modelling the weapon and we will do that for few long and hard videos, but at the end we will win again and will do last refinements and touches on the high poly like adding vertex colors to help us texturing in Substance.

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What you’ll learn

  • 3D character workflow in Blender
  • Sculpting, modelling
  • Retopology, UV mapping, basic rigging
  • Rendering

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