Container Masterclass with Docker and Kubernetes

Container Masterclass with Docker and Kubernetes

Build, Ship, Run and Manage your Containerized Web-applications efficiently on local premise and Cloud

This course is a one-stop answer for all of these questions. It covers both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm and makes sure that you are confident and capable to make your call when the time comes!

Even though a container orchestrator is nothing without containers themselves, kubernetes seems to be the biggest breakthrough in the world of DevOps. This course explains kubernetes from the start. No, I mean LITERALLY from the start (Origin! It,s an interesting story).

Best Seller Course: Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

It covers all of these important topics with examples so that when you finish this course, you can use and appreciate containers as well as we do!

  • Kubernetes Architecture (Components, States, Nodes, Interactions)
  • Kubernetes Objects (Pods, Handlers, Workloads, Controllers, Services, Volumes)
  • Operations (Sorting, Configuration, Scheduling, Scaling, Deploying, Updating, Restricting)
  • Application Examples (All-time favourite nginx webserver,Custom Landing Page, Stdout Logs, WordPress blog with mysql, Apache zookeeper etc.)
  • Kubernetes as a service (GCP, Azure)
  • Case studies (Blackrock, Niantic)

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