Complete Python Programming Guide - Conveying Under the Hood

Complete Python Programming Guide – Conveying Under the Hood

Learn Python programming from scratch till complex topic along with application and game development to land up in a job

This course helps you becoming a Python Expert and get an in depth understanding of one of the most trending and in demand skill of 2019! Go from a complete beginner to building Python Projects including Game Development with this course, This curriculum covers coding lectures having deep dive explanation to each of the concepts in Python

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What you’ll learn

  • Intent of this course is to convert even a programming noob to a professional python developer
  • Get the complete execution details of Python on a physical machine
  • Understand variables in Python along with its usage
  • Get a thorough understanding of different Data Objects in Python
  • Learn how to handle and operate text data in Python
  • Get to know how well Python connects data both logically and conditionally
  • Understand complete details of different data structures like List, Dictionaries, Tuples and Sets along with different operations using them
  • Get hold of Loops in Python and learn how easy it is to work with them
  • Create User Defined Functions and Lambda Functions in Python
  • Understand and implement decorators
  • Get the complete knowledge on Built-in Functions in Python
  • Learn about variety of Exception Handling
  • Get to know the details of Iterators and Generators
  • Understand about collections
  • Gain complete knowledge on Object oriented programming
  • Implement all the learnt concepts by developing Applications and Games

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