Complete Nuxt.js 2.4+ Course

Complete Nuxt.js 2.4+ Course

Take your Vue JS skill to the next level!

As an enhanced version of Vue, Nuxt has more functionalities and is also easier to configure. With Nuxt, you can code less but do more. You don’t have to be a Vue expert to study Nuxt. Just basic Vue knowledge is enough. In the first section, we will create a Vue app using Vue CLI 3. The file structure created by Vue CLI 3 is very similar to the one used in Nuxt.

They even have the same mechanism of generating pages. We will recreate the same app using Nuxt and show you the similarities between Vue and Nuxt. Your previous Vue knowledge can help you quickly understand the working mechanism of Nuxt. Once you have understood how Nuxt works, you can master it in no time.

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Our official Nuxt study includes five sections.

  1. Nuxt basics
  2. Nuxt plugins and modules
  3. Nuxt routing system
  4. Nuxt context
  5. Data exchange with the backend program (Express.js)

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