Complete JavaScript Full Stack Course 2022 From A - Z

Complete JavaScript Full Stack Course 2022 From A – Z

The Complete JavaScript Course for Everyone! Become Master in JavaScript By Building More Then 10 Real Life Projects.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language for both front-end and back-end web development. Applications for JavaScript span from interactive websites to the Internet of Things, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced developers looking to learn a new programming language.

With this course, you are going to learn beyond just the basics like most online courses. You won’t just learn patterns, techniques and best practices.

Most importantly, you will become a top 10% javascript developer by going beyond the superficial basics that a lot of courses cover. We are going to dive deep and come out the other end a confident advanced javascript developer. I guarantee it. Whether you are a web developer, a React, Vue.js developer (frontend developer), or a Node.js backend developer, you will benefit from this course because Javascript is at the core of these professions.

In this course, I have shared almost every topic of JavaScript with live examples. First, you will learn basic all concept then you will create a project by this experience. I think that is the best way to learn any programming language.

What you’ll learn

  • JavaScript Variables
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript Loops
  • String in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • ES6, ES7 and ES8 Features
  • Error Handlings in JavaScript
  • Regular Expression
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Asynchronous Functions
  • DOM
  • Web Storage API
  • MongoDB
  • REST API with Mongoose
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Node JS With Project
  • Express JS With Project
  • React JS With Project

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