Complete C# Programming Course Beginner to Expert

Complete C# Programming Course – Beginner to Expert

Learn Professional C# Coding from the Ground Up! Packed with Hands-On Projects, Practice Coding Questions, and more!

The goal of this course is to take a student with little or no experience programming in C# and to make them a complete master of the language. Whether you want to: Build the skills you need to land your first C# programming job, Move to a more senior software developer position, Ace a coding interview at a top tier tech company like Google, Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft, Take the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-483 that tests your C# knowledge, Or just learn C# to be able to build professional quality apps. this complete C# tutorial is the course you need to do all of this, and more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Master C# Programming with a hands-on approach focused on getting you professional C# experience you can use to GET A JOB!
  • Understand HOW to implement all of the major search and sort algorithms in computer science, and WHEN to use each approach
  • Take a DEEP DIVE into collections and data structures and become a master at understanding the PROS and CONS of each!
  • Learn ADVANCED topics like asynchronous coding, threading, delegates, generics, recursion, bitwise operations and MORE
  • Start out with basic or no C# knowledge and build up to being able to LAND A JOB using C# after taking this course!
  • Gain a hands-on understanding of ALGORITHMS like A*, Dijkstra’s, N choose K, Kruskal’s, and more!
  • Understand all 23 Gang of 4 design patterns and HOW TO IMPLEMENT EACH OF THEM, in C# in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Course is PACKED with interview questions and focuses on teaching you HOW TO THINK LIKE A
  • COMPUTER PROGRAMMER while writing C# code for solutions to common programming problems
  • Build 6 HANDS-ON APPLICATIONS including a web app, mobile app, database app, AI program, Machine Learning program, and a video game!
  • Start from Zero and Go to Hero with this ALL IN ONE, COMPREHENSIVE C# programming course!
  • Build the coding skills and deep understanding of computer science, data structures, and algorithms to pass coding interviews with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and other TOP TIER TECH COMPANIES!
  • Prepare for the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-483 the C# CERTIFICATION EXAM that Microsoft offers, by MASTERING the fundamental, intermediate, advanced C# topics taught in this course!

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