Complete Beginner's Course for Ruby on Rails 6 (2020)

Ruby on Rails 6 Complete Beginner’s Course

Learn the latest version of Ruby on Rails in this new course and build powerful web applications with ease.

The only up to date course you will find on Ruby on Rails in 2020. Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful frameworks for building web applications and is trusted by huge companies such as Airbnb, Twitter, Shopify and Github. One of the most attractive benefits you will discover with Rails is the ability to create working products FAST! This is why it has been hugely popular with many startups and a highly sought after skillset in tech hubs like Silicon Valley. The underlying language for Rails is Ruby.

Ruby was created for developer satisfaction, with the language being very easy to learn and lightweight in comparison to many other verbose languages and frameworks. Throughout this course we will discuss each step that we are taking and build a blog application as we progress through the course. Ruby on Rails has changed a lot since the earlier versions and Rails 6 is no exception. Throughout this course we will focus on learning all the basics to get you comfortable building any Rails app you can imagine in the latest framework.

Best Seller CourseThe Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to install Ruby on Rails 6 on your computer
  • How to build a new Ruby on Rails 6 application from scratch
  • Build templates (views) for your application
  • Setup a database (Postgres/MySQL)
  • Install third party libraries using Ruby Gems
  • Add user friendly interfaces using Bootstrap 4
  • Use the Rails Console to explore our database entries
  • Use the Rails Server Logs to debug errors
  • Create a new model and learn how to create our own methods
  • Create a new controller and write our own actions
  • Create helpers and using them from our views
  • Build a blog in Rails 6

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