Complete 2022 Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Complete Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp Udemy Course

Learn Python, Tensorflow, Deep Learning, Regression, Classification, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence & more!

Welcome to the Complete Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn Python and get into data science. At over 40+ hours, this Python course is without a doubt the most comprehensive data science and machine learning course available online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to mastery. Here’s why:

  • The course is taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London’s leading in-person programming bootcamp.
  • In the course, you’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies that are used by data scientists at Google, Amazon, or Netflix.
  • This course doesn’t cut any corners, there are beautiful, animated explanation videos and real-world projects to build.
  • The curriculum was developed over a period of three years together with industry professionals, researchers and student testing and feedback.
  • To date, we’ve taught over 200,000 students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by getting jobs in the industry or starting their own tech startup.
  • You’ll save yourself over $12,000 by enrolling but get access to the same teaching materials and learn from the same instructor and curriculum as our in-person programming bootcamp.

What you’ll learn in Complete Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp Course

  • You will learn how to program using Python through practical projects.
  • Use data science algorithms to analyse data in real life projects such as spam classification and image recognition.
  • Build a portfolio of data science projects to apply for jobs in the industry.
  • Understand how to use the latest tools in data science, including Tensorflow, Matplotlib, Numpy and many more.
  • Create your own neural networks and understand how to use them to perform deep learning.
  • Understand and apply data visualisation techniques to explore large datasets.

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