Chatbot Building: Rasa, DialogFlow & WIT.AI Bots with Python

Chatbot Building: Rasa, DialogFlow & WIT.AI Bots with Python

Rasa NLU, Rasa Core, Google DialogFlow, Facebook’s WIT.AI Talking Chatbot. Rasa Facebook Massenger Chatbot. Build a Bot.

Do you want to create a talking chatbot that interact with your visitors? In this tutorial, you will learn how to create chatbots with Python using DialogFlow and Wit.AI platforms as well as powerful Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. DialogFlow, Wit.AI and Rasa provide several Natural Language Processing functions that parse user input and match them to the right response. Implementing NLP in your bot can be pretty difficult, but these platforms make it much easier to create a Facebook Messenger bot or a website chatbot.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding concepts of building chatbots with Rasa NLU, Rasa Core, DialogFlaw & Wit•ai
  • Building chatbots for Facebook Messenger
  • Buiding a chatbot that answers FAQs
  • Deploying your chatbot in Heroku application platform

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Python screenshot
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