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Camtasia Masterclass: The Video Creation in Camtasia Course

Record & Edit Professional Videos with Camtasia. Perfect for screencast tutorials, courses, YouTube, training, and more!

Do you want to easily record & edit videos in one simple-to-use app? Perfect, this Camtasia course will help you make amazing videos that captivate your audience. Whether you’re a YouTuber making tutorials or an online course creator, Camtasia is the perfect screen recording & video editing application for you. RECORD. EDIT. EXPORT. The Video Production process is simple with Camtasia. And after taking this Camtasia course, you’ll be confident making your own videos, quickly.

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What you’ll learn

  • You will be confident using Camtasia to make great videos.
  • Make screen recording videos for online courses, YouTube, trainings, and more
  • Learn Step by step Basics, Essentials and Core of Camtasia.
  • Edit your videos to make them more captivating for your audience
  • How to choose a microphone and calibrate it for optimal performance.
  • Learn how to do screencast (screen recording), record your computer screen with right setting.
  • After screencast then use the same recorded video and learn the basics of video editing.
  • Understand Camtasia Recorder (In-depth). Explore various options of Camtasia recorder.
  • How to Record via PowerPoint Add-in
  • Get good understanding by learning professional techniques from a professional who has real life experience.
  • Do work more efficiently and faster by using only Useful shortcuts (Windows and Mac), taught throughout the course wherever its applicable.
  • Explore Ins and Outs of Camtasia Editor: Timeline, PlayHead, Zoom in and Zoom out, Clip position, Canvas, Edit Mode, Pan Mode
  • You’ll learn how to deal with Messy Desktop Issue, Desktop Cleanup Tips, Idealistic Wallpaper for Screencast Recording.
  • How to Setup Non-Distracting Environment, Taskbar and Other Important Settings, Right Resolution for Screencast Recording
  • Canvas Basics, dealing with Object, using Crop Tool (and Uncrop), Zoom-in and Zoom-out Mode, Detach Canvas etc.
  • Understanding the Timeline and Timeline Editing like: 7 different Ripple editing techniques
  • Create your own Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Under Timeline learn how to Work with Selections: Basic Selection to Expand Selection, Return PlayHead, Zoom-in The Selected Portion
  • Under Timeline learn Extend Selection – Frame by Frame, Real Life Example, Split All Tracks at PlayHead, Cut Specific Portion of the Clip
  • Under Timeline also learn Working with Clips and also Understand Properties Panel
  • Working with Annotations, Transitions, Explore Library Assets
  • Get Pro Tips to Record & Get Optimal Results to speed up the process
  • How to Use Intros, Lower Thirds, Download More Assets for Camtasia
  • How to Create Your Own Library, Create Custom Theme and then How To Use That
  • Learn Right Way to Share on YouTube, Explore Other Share Options and also explore Use Local File Export Option
  • Share Windows Project with Team Members on Another Windows Platform and also Share Windows Project with Team Members on Mac

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