Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel

Build E-Commerce Website in Laravel

Online Shopping Store in Laravel

In this course you’ll learn how to create E-Commerce Website from scratch in Laravel. The process has never been easier we’ll take you from the very beginning stages of downloading Laravel till the last steps of adding products to cart.

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What you’ll learn

  • How To Install Laravel
  • How To Create A Complete Project/Website In Laravel
  • How To Create E-Commerce Website In Laravel
  • Learn About Routes
  • Learn How To Use PHP Artisan Commands
  • Learn How To Create Models & Controllers
  • Learn How To Create Views Using Blade
  • Connect Website To Database & Create Tables
  • Get Products From Database & Display Them For Customers
  • Add Bootstrap To Your Project
  • Learn About Blade & How To Use Its Most Important Features
  • Create Cart & Display Prices & Quantities
  • Redirect Users To Specific Pages
  • Delete Items From Cart
  • Make User Authentication Using Laravel Auth
  • Share Data With All Views
  • Create Admin Dashboard To Control All Products
  • Update Product Fields
  • Upload & Update Product Image
  • Create New Products Using Admin Dashboard
  • Delete Product From Database Using Admin Dashboard
  • Restrict Access To Admins Only
  • Add Pagination To Your Website
  • Categorize Your Products & Use Query Builder
  • Add Search Feature So That Customers Search For Specific Product

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