Build CHATBOTS with Dialogflow (V1 & V2) and NodeJS

Build CHATBOTS with Dialogflow (V1 & V2) and NodeJS

BASICS TO ADVANCED. Learn to build Chatbots using the all-powerful NLP platform Dialogflow (V1 &V2) and Node.JS.

Whether you are a novice would be bot developer or have just started your journey in bot development, this course will smoothen your journey by explaining you the bot development process clearly with examples using Dialogflow and NodeJS. This course teaches invaluable concepts of Dialogflow that are essential for creating bots for Facebook messenger, Skype, web and Android platform.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the concepts and different components of Dialogflow – Intents, Entities, Contexts, Actions, Events with examples. Learn step by step from basics to advanced concepts in Dialogflow
    Understand the importance of NLP in Bot development by writing bots in NodeJS without using any NLP for skype and facebook platforms and then using NLP (Dialogflow) platform
  • Learn to write end to end bot from scratch using Dialogflow and NodeJS for Facebook messenger, Android and web applications
  • Learn to deploy bot web services on cloud (Heroku)
  • Learn to build an end to end real life bot from scratch using Dialogflow and NodeJS which tells bus arrival time given a bus stop number for Facebook messenger, Android application, A HTML/JS chatbot web application. Learners can use this example as template and build more interesting and useful bots

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