Build a Social Network with Flutter and Firebase

Build a Social Network with Flutter and Firebase

Learn how to make complete, production-ready mobile apps from scratch to deployment with Flutter and Firebase!

How to build a complete social network with Flutter and Firebase! An Amazing Realtime Social Networking App, How to Make a Timeline just like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, An Activity Feed for Users to Follow their Interactions, Media Sharing between Users, Realtime Liking and Commenting Functionality, Live Notifications within the App Ability to Edit Profile (i.e. username and personal bio)

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What does this course offer?

  • A Masterclass on using Firestore with Flutter
  • Google SignIn / Social Login with Flutter
  • Uploading Media Files with Firebase Storage + Image Compression Techniques
  • Push Notifications with Firebase Messaging for Realtime User Updates
  • Taking Pictures / Picking Images for Upload with Flutter
  • Detecting User Location with Geolocation for Flutter
  • Build and Deploy Many Firestore Cloud Functions
  • Complete CRUD Functionality in Realtime with Cloud Firestore
  • All the Realtime Firestore Database Triggers (onCreate, onUpdate, onDelete)
  • Working with Streams, Futures and Updating State
  • Media Queries and Device Orientation for Responsive App Design
  • Animations and Page Transitions
  • SVG Images and Image Caching for Performance
  • Form Validation and Error Handling
  • Custom Theme Creation and Fonts
  • Tons of Practical, Straightforward and Repeatable App-Building Patterns
  • And more!

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