Build a News Feed with Nuxt 2 and Firestore

Build a News Feed with Nuxt 2 and Firestore

Create a complete, full-stack news aggregator from front to back with (the all-new) Nuxt 2, Firestore and Vue Material

Interested in building impressive, practical full-stack single page / server-rendered apps with Nuxt and Firestore? This is the course for you!

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Here’s what we will cover:

  • Creating a complete news feed / aggregator with Nuxt 2, Firestore and Vue Material from the first line of code to deployment on the web
  • Full CRUD functionality (create, read, update, delete) with the new real-time NoSQL Firestore Database
  • Comprehensive work with News API in order to dynamically fetch top headlines around the world (by news category, by country, by news source, etc.)
  • Adding search functionality to query all headlines according to search terms, by date and various criteria
  • Creating the ability for users to bookmark headlines to add to their personal feed
  • Turning live news headlines into separate pages within our app upon which users can comment
  • Extensive coverage of making HTTP requests with axios (Nuxt module, proxies, setting headers)
  • Built-in Nuxt data-fetching with the methods asyncData and fetch
  • Working with Nuxt plugins to incorporate third-party libraries with our Nuxt application
  • Implementing liking / upvoting user comments on news articles
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens and session management with both Cookies and LocalStorage
  • User authentication with the Firebase Auth REST API
  • Form validation with Vuelidate for our Login and Register forms
  • State management with Vuex, with the help of simple, straightforward patterns
  • Creating attractive, responsive, feature-rich Uis with the Material Design library Vue Material
  • Essential features of Vue Router (in relation to Nuxt)
  • Building Nuxt middleware functions to work as authentication checks and navigation guards
  • Use Vue filters to format date / time values with the popular package date-fns
  • Tons of work with ES6 / 7, especially async / await functions
  • Helpful browser tools such as Vue / Nuxt Dev Tools
  • Bootstrapping new Nuxt 2 projects with the create-nuxt-app CLI
  • Deploying our completed news app to the web using the global deployment service Now
  • And more!

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