Bootstrap 4 Website Built From Scratch In 3 Hours

Bootstrap 4 Website Built From Scratch In 3 Hours

Learn Bootstrap by building a complete responsive Bootstrap 4 Template from start to finish, with no steps skipped!

This course will show you how to make a complete Bootstrap 4 website from scratch starting with a blank index.html and style.css file! We’ll be moving rapidly to give you the quickest, yet most thorough Bootstrap website building experience possible. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to design and develop you’re own Bootstrap 4 websites and themes.

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The source code for the completed theme is included along with the following:

  • The completed theme download with the original pictures.
  • The completed theme with placeholder images including their size (making it very easy to customize the Bootstrap theme).
  • Bootstrap Setup/Starter Files we’ll cover in detail that you can use as a framework to build your own themes.
  • Progress source code downloads for each section of the theme while building your website.
  • My resources for unlimited free professional stock images, the best free text editor, unlimited website fonts, & more.

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