Blockchain Programming Fundamentals Ethereum and Solidity

Blockchain Programming Fundamentals: Ethereum and Solidity

Learn the tools you need as a blockchain developer, and successfully code your first smart contracts on Ethereum.

This highly-focused, action oriented course is truly unique, as it has been designed so that you learn to quickly use the most popular blockchain programming tools that allow the creation of Smart Contracts, DApps, NFT Videogames and much more.

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In the course you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to the basic concepts of blockchain and smart contracts.
  • A complete tour of the Ethereum blockchain smart contract programming tool known as Remix IDE.
  • Visualization of the properties of transactions and blocks through the transactions executed in the blockchain.
  • Create your very own local blockchain using Ganache, one of the key tools you need to know as a developer on Ethereum.
  • Deploy Remix IDE Smart Contracts on the Ganache blockchain.
  • Implement your very own personal Metamask wallet for the creation and deployment of Smart Contracts.
  • Deploy smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain through Remix IDE and Metamask.
  • Learn about and use Truffle, the number one tool used in the deployment of DApps and NFT Videogames.
  • Access the Solidity code for ERC-721 (NFT) and ERC-20 Tokens on OpenZeppelin.
  • Successfully develop your first Smart Contract for ERC-20 Tokens using Solidity.
  • You will be able to send your ERC-20 Tokens to your friends.
  • Develop your own smart contract to issue NFT Tokens with Solidity.
  • Learn how you can send your NFT Tokens to your friends.

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