Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course

Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course

The first complete Blender 3 course covering all the fundamentals of 3D modelling that is created for all user levels.

Start learning with Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course! I can imagine this going very well with your medieval well and medieval castle keep with or without slight modifications to your existing scene. Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course will see you creating a medieval farmstead. Your medieval farmstead will feature farmhouses, grass, mud, plants, trees, a water pump, and a windmill. IT WILL BE ALIVE because of all the exciting plant growing animations it will feature. This course will give you access to just over 16 hours of 3D art. This course will see you learn all the techniques pros use and how they use them. Learning how to achieve realism through ageing your 3D game environments will be a central part of this course’s learning objectives!

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What you’ll learn

  • Following through a complete guide on creating a set of AAA game-ready quality medieval farmstead, including a barn, farmhouse, and living plants
  • Maximising the potential of your references to develop strong game asset concepts
  • Using Blender 3.0 and understanding its new interface and shortcuts
  • Mastering the Blender 3.0 geo nodes system
  • Learning how to texture paint with 3 different textures on one mesh
  • Completing a roof building masterclass, including straw and grass roofs
  • A course within a course introduction into (a) Blender basics, (b) materials and textures, (c) seams, sharps, and UVs.
  • Discovering the basics of rigging and animating inanimate game assets in Blender
  • Simulating realistic smoke
  • Implementing a water simulation with a stop and start
  • Learning how to use HDRIs as 3D model backgrounds for your portfolio
  • Maintaining and optimising medieval Europe aesthetics
  • Effective problem-solving in Blender
  • Complete UV Mapping Guide: UV mapping and UV unwrapping your model
  • Learning how to use rendering to improve the quality of presentation for your 3D environment in Blender Cycles and Cycles X
  • Rendering game assets to a high level for professional 3D artist portfolios

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