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Bitbucket Complete : Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On

Step By Step guide to Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud and GIT GUI for Beginners and Intermediate – 2023

This course specially prepared for both IT/non-IT employees who are working with GIT with Bitbucket cloud version control system for their day-to-day assignments. Become a part of the Bitbucket cloud training, it is mandatory if you want to work with any IT company.

This course is not meant to be looked at as comprehensive on the topics of GIT, GIT commands, Bitbucket, Remote Repository, Branches, Merging, Pull Request, Reviewing the Pull Request and Retain Previous version of the Application.

This course has to be treated as an introduction to the topics of Git and Bitbucket. Once you complete the course, you will be able to work Independently on development projects to store the code/files.

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What you’ll learn

  • Integrate Git with Bitbucket Cloud in their daily projects.
  • Confidence to use Bitbucket in their application
  • Most terminologies used in Bitbucket
  • Work for any IT/non-IT companies and feel comfortable using Git commands on the development projects.
  • Execute basic commands in the command line (Git Bash for Windows Users)
  • Create branches, pull requests at Bitbucket Cloud and many more

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