Artificial Intelligence - TensorFlow Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence – TensorFlow Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning from theory to the required hands-on experience by using latest TensorFlow JavaScript framework

This course teaches machine learning from the basics so that you can get started with created amazing machine learning programs. With a well structured architecture

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this course is divided into 4 modules:

  • Theory section: It is very important to understand the reason of learning something. The need for learning machine learning and javascript in this particular case is explained in this section.
  • Foundation section: In this section, most of the basic topics required to approach a particular problem are covered like the basics of javascript, what are neural networks, dom manipulation, what are tensors and many more such topics
  • Practice section: In this section, you put your learnt skills to a test by writing code to solve a particular problem. The explanation of the solution to the problem is also provided in good detail which makes hands-on learning even more efficient.
  • Project section: In this section, we build together a full stack project which has some real life use case and can provide a glimpse on the value creation by writing good quality machine learning programs

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