API Development with APIGEE - X

API Development with APIGEE – X

Apigee provisioning, Service callout, Java callout, Oauth, HMAC, JWT, JWS, XML /JSON threat protection, SOAP, OAS

The course starts by explaining the API and its life cycle as per APIGEE. The APIGEE provisioning is explained and configured showing all the steps. Once this is created we can build API proxies and API products. Components of the APIGEE are explained and the relationship between these.

Different kinds of policies are used while creating the API proxies. The proxy creation starts with the basic proxies to understand the apigee environemnt. The proxy creation is explained both in Classic and the new Proxy Editor. After understanding the environment, the course continues to explain and create different proxies with with complex policies.

What you’ll learn

  • Apigee provisioning, Create API Proxy and API products
  • Applying security to API proxy – API key, OAUTH 2.0, Basic Auth
  • Flow callout, Service callout, Java callout, JavaScript policy implmentation
  • Message tranformation, and handling SOAP webservices
  • Create an API proxy using OpenAPI specification
  • Validation using OpenAPI spec and WSDL
  • Implementation of traffic management policies
  • HMAC, JWT and JWS policy implementation
  • XML Threat protection policy and JSON Threat protection policy implementation

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