Apache Kafka Guru - Zero to Hero in Minutes (Mac/Windows)

Apache Kafka Guru – Zero to Hero in Minutes (Mac/Windows)

Master Apache Kafka Core Concepts, Build Real World Kafka Producers & Consumers, Integrate with Apache Spark & much more

This comprehensive Kafka tutorial starts with building foundation about all major concepts in Apache Kafka. This part of the course is vital for understanding how Kafka really works. This section will help you with hands-on exercises later in this course.

In the later part of this Kafka tutorial, we will have lots of hands-on exercises covering from basic to advanced topics of Kafka. You will learn how to set up Apache Kafka on your personal computer (Mac/Linux or Windows PC). Then create Kafka topics (where actual data is stored inside Kafka) & perform various operations on your topics. Later you will setup Kafka producers and Kafka consumers to send and receive data.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn core concepts about Apache Kafka & how it works
  • Develop your own custom Kafka producers and consumers
  • Build real world like data pipelines to move data from one system to another using real time processing

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