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Angular Security Masterclass (with FREE E-Book) Course

Practical Guide to Angular Security – Add Authentication / Authorization (from scratch) to an Angular / Node App

The Angular Security course is a Web Application Security Fundamentals Course, where the application will use the Angular/Node stack. All the server code is in Typescript, but the security concepts explained in it are applicable to other technology stacks.

This Angular Security Masterclass course includes an auxiliary eBook – The Typescript Jumpstart eBook. We will use several MIT licensed Angular and Node packages from Auth0 (that you could use in your application), and we will also include a demo of how to use Auth0 for doing Application User Management.

Its important to realize that this is NOT an Auth0 specific course. Auth0 will be the source of a couple of open source packages we will use, and will be doing a quick demo of it to show how JWT makes it simple to delegate authentication to a third-party system, which could be developed in-house as well. Security – A Fundamental Step in a Software Development Career

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What you’ll learn

  • Code in GitHub repository with downloadable ZIP files per section
  • Get a solid foundation in Web Security Fundamentals
  • Perform the attacks yourself manually, in order to fully understand them
  • Understand and Defend an Application against common security attacks, such as Dictionary Attacks, Cross-Site Request Forgery, etc.
  • Understand JWT in-depth, including the multiple signature types
  • Design and Implement Application Authentication and Authorization from scratch
  • Know how to add Authentication to an Angular Application using JWTs (and traditional Server Sessions)
  • Know how to add RBAC (Role based Access control) Authorization to an Angular application

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