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Amazon DynamoDB Data Modeling for Architects & Developers Course

Proven design patterns. best practices, tips on saving costs and more.

This course primarily focusses on Data Modeling practices and patterns for Amazon DynamoDB. You will also learn DynamoDB best practices, tips and techniques for building modern and cost-effective applications/microservices.

Course does not assume that you already know DynamoDB. For those reasons, I am first covering the basics of DynamoDB. But unlike other courses, I will not just show you how-to use DynamoDB rather I will show you how DynamoDB works under the covers!! I strongly believe that to effectively use a database, an architect MUST understand how database technology works under the covers.

Data modeling is an iterative process. I am sharing a prescriptive guidance on the process and then showing step-by-step how to apply the process. As a case study I am using an example of ACME bank (a fictitious retail bank). Throughout the course we will be applying the process to ACME bank use cases to evolve a full blown DynamoDB data model.

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What you’ll learn

  • Use DynamoDB Data Modeling patterns.
  • Apply Best DynamoDB practices.
  • Leverage the right DynamoDB features in their applications.
  • Analyze use cases for DynamoDB.

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