AI Machine Learning Complete Course: for PHP & Python Devs

AI Machine Learning Complete Course: for PHP & Python Devs

Build real-world AI & machine learning apps using both PHP & Python. No prior ML knowledge required. Full Code Included.

Become an AI & Machine Learning developer, one of employer’s most requested skills for 2018/2019!

Add value to your solutions and products, it is time to start using AI & Machine Learning now! This course is different than any other AI or Machine Learning course; it requires no prior knowledge in AI or Machine Learning before, and you will be able to have your own AI Machine Learning application up and running right after the course.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build real-world AI applications right after the course
  • Master AI & machine learning concepts and approaches
  • Build AI applications using Google’s TensorFlow, the most powerful Machine Learning framework
  • Develop machine learning applications using PHP & Python
  • Build Neural Network Applications for any Machine Learning purpose
  • Build advanced Machine Learning models and know how to use them to solve any problem
  • Learn how Neural Networks & Deep Neural Networks work
  • Understand Deep Learning
  • Understand how Google’s TensorFlow works and how to use it
  • Use TensorFlow Hub for faster and easier Machine Learning application development
  • Understand the math behind Neural Networks
  • Take their products and solutions to the next level with AI and Machine Learning

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