Advanced Solidity: Yul and Assembly

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Advanced Solidity Yul and Assembly

Advanced Solidity: Yul and Assembly Course

Understanding what solidity does behind the scenes

If you’ve wondered what solidity is doing behind the scenes, this is the course to take. Perhaps you’ve head of assembly in Ethereum smart contracts and heard it can be efficient but dangerous. After you finish this course, you will have a ground-up understanding of what exactly happens when a smart contract receives a function call, how it encodes that data, where exactly it stores it, and how it updates the blockchain state. Even if you don’t write contracts in assembly, you will have a much better understanding of solidity’s design choices and previously cryptic error messages will make perfect sense.

We will learn how solidity represents various data types, and how we can come up with more efficient representations ourselves depending on the application. We will learn the assumptions solidity makes about memory layout and how to avoid violating those assumptions when we use low level instructions. We will learn what happens behind the scenes when smart contracts make function calls to each other, and how to implement that protocol by hand. And of course, we will build smart contracts from scratch in assembly.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create Ethereum smart contracts in assembly
  • How to respect solidity’s memory and function call conventions when using assembly
  • How smart contracts work on the bytecode level
  • How to create a smart contract entirely in Yul and assembly

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