Advanced Solidity Understanding and Optimizing Gas Costs

Advanced Solidity: Understanding and Optimizing Gas Costs

Mastering the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Solidity Compiler

Ever been surprised by the gas costs in a smart contract? The Ethereum Virtual Machine calculates these costs deterministically, but understanding how is a bit obscure unless you want to comb through the dense yellowpaper! This course helps you understand where every last bit of gas is coming from and the gotchas that can make transactions surprisingly expensive.

This course is for solidity developers looking to progress from beginner to advanced intermediate. Knowledge about Solidity, OpenZeppelin, and Remix is assumed. You should know how to deploy and test a smart contract, and ideally, you’ve created a token on the mainnet before (and experienced how expensive it can be!).

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how the Ethereum Virtual Machine sets the gas price
  • Learn how to improve the gas price of existing code
  • Learn how to debug execution costs for smart contracts
  • Learn what designs to avoid that lead to high execution costs

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