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Advanced Material-UI Component Styling: The Complete Course

Learn to style any MUI component: Dive deep into the DOM, understand MUI class rules, and ace the most difficult props.

Welcome to Advanced Material-UI Component Styling: The Complete Course. This course will give you expertise in styling MUI version 5 components. You will learn to ace some of the most difficult components, such as the Data Grid, Autocomplete, and Date Picker. Together we will explore the DOM and discover the default class system MUI uses and how to use these classes to create advanced nested selectors. Critically, we will also learn the best use cases for the sx prop, the styled API, and the theme.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to style ANY Material-UI component.
  • Understand when to use sx, styled API, or theme.
  • Explore how MUI components render as DOM elements
  • Create advanced nested selectors using the default classes that render with MUI components
  • Control the width and height of rows, cells, columns, and child components in the MUI Table, Data Grid, Grid, and more
  • Customize the spacing (padding AND margin) for every component, especially the Grid, Stack, and Box
  • Design perfect alignment with flex and flex properties
  • Deeply understand every MUI form component, plus the Grid, Table, and Data Grid
  • Build a Material-UI app from scratch.

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